**IMPORTANT: All standard and custom Vitacare V4 and V4 RE-ACT's can now be ordered direct from Vitacare. (Permobil no longer distributes our V4's and V4 RE-ACT's Mattress line)
**Vitacare is the exclusive Canadian Distributor for Star Air Cell 4" Mattress inserts. All Vitacare V4's and V4 RE-ACTs can be equipped with the Star Mattress Inserts! Call for a quote on customizing your V4 surface.
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NEW!! Platinum MR Fabric: Now Available for All Products!

Item #: P MR

Features & Benefits:

  • **Specially treated Platinum MR fabric utilizes a powerful antimicrobial agent that is capable of fighting the most aggressive bacteria and fungi (MRSA)
  • **Antimicrobial agents found in the Platinum MR fabric work to restrict the growth of the MRSA strains
  • Stretchy incontinent fabric reduces skin shear and friction  
  • Odor is controlled by preventing bacterial and fungal growth on the surface of the fabric



 **Traditional antimicrobial agents work to confer common micro-organisms like Aspergillus niger  and Staphylococcus aureus . The treatment is applied to the substrate when it is dyed and in the urethane coating when it is compounded.  Subsequently,  the treatment is not dramatically compromised by humidity and cleaning.

 **Please note that the antimicrobial protects the fabric but is not a substitute for good hygiene nor does it protect the user from bacteria and fungi. As well, the use of the Platinum MR does not negate the need to routinely clean and disinfect the fabric.


Platinum Fabric meets Cal. Tech. #117 A & D.

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