**IMPORTANT: All standard and custom Vitacare V4 and V4 RE-ACT's can now be ordered direct from Vitacare. (Permobil no longer distributes our V4's and V4 RE-ACT's Mattress line)
**Vitacare is the exclusive Canadian Distributor for Star Air Cell 4" Mattress inserts. All Vitacare V4's and V4 RE-ACTs can be equipped with the Star Mattress Inserts! Call for a quote on customizing your V4 surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean a Vitacare Mattress?
Vitacare's mattress systems are designed to offer comfort and durability for the life of you mattress. Clean, by simply wiping off the outer nylon top and bottom surface with a mild soap and water and finish by rinsing thoroughly. It is highly recommended to replace the mattress cover if cut or torn.
Are Vitacare products latex free?
All of Vitacare products are 100% latex free.
Who should use a Vitacare preventative mattress?
Our line of preventative mattresses was designed for patients at risk of developing skin ulcers or tissue breakdown. These mattresses offer comfort and weight distribution to the user. Our mattresses are used in hospitals, long-term care facilities, nursing homes, and rental programs as well as for home use. Our mattresses offer comfort to patients and provide prevention of tissue breakdown.
How does Visco foam reduce interface pressure?
Vitacare Visco is temperature sensitive and reaches peek performance at body temperature. It contours the most at the points where the body pressure is greatest. This contouring effect increases total surface contact area, thereby redistributing body weight evenly.
Why is it important to have a stretchy cover when using Visco foam, SunMate or Temper Foam for mattresses or seats?
When using our Recovery 5 or any of our other stretchy materials, the contouring ability of the foam is not impeded.
Can Vitacare mattresses be flipped or rotated?
Our mattresses cannot be flipped. They are designed with a specific top and bottom. The nylon side of our mattress should always be face up and the light blue vinyl side down. However, most of our mattresses do not differentiate between head and foot areas, so that they can be rotated for longer life. (The exceptions are our multi-zoned Vita 3 mattress, and our removable-sectioned Vita 4 mattresses).
Can I put an incontinent patient on a Vitacare mattress?
Yes, all our mattress covers are fluid-proof. However, we suggest using an incontinent pad for extra protection. It is also recommended that fluid should be wiped away immediately to avoid staining and potential harm to the patient.
Can I put a convoluted foam overlay on top of a Vitacare mattress?
We do not recommend placing an overlay on top of our mattresses. The extra foam is not needed, and it will diminish the effectiveness of the foam design.
Do you recommend putting a sheet on the mattress?
Yes. We recommend that you put only one sheet on the mattress.
What if I want to order a different size, cover, or grade of foam?
Because Vitacare is a manufacturer of foam medical products, we can customize our products to meet your specific needs.
Why are the measurements of my bed pad/overlay not meeting the specifications?
It can take up to 48 hours for compressed foam to fully recover to original size. The longer the foam has been under compression, the longer it will take to rebound.
My foam product is turning to a darker color. Is this bad?
No, foam oxidizes with exposure to light and air. The foam will still perform as intended.
How quickly will I get my order?
At Vitacare, we do our best to ship all orders within 3-5 business days.
Do you sell to the public?
No, we sell only to authorized home health care dealers. Please contact us for dealers in your area.
What is the minimum order amount?
There is a minimum order amount of $100.00.
Are Vitacare products subject to sales tax?
All Vitacare products are subject to GST or HST, where applicable.

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Email: vitacare@vitacanada.ca
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